Plexman on Huff-Po!

Hot on the tail of our blog post about Groupe Germain’s recent award wins comes this fun little post on Gadling – a division of the Huffington Post! That’s a first for Plexman.

Jessica Festa had nothing but nice things to say about Matthew Plexman’s player portraits. She’s hit the essence of the creative challenge right on the head, “combining the elegant and refined ambiance of the hotel with the rougher side of sports.” Executive Producer Sylvia Verkley met the problem head on: she used tightly cropped shots from Plexman’s previous work with pilates instructors as proof-of-concept for brand-boss Christiane Germain. Mme. Germain quickly got MLSE on board, and the rest is history!

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Groupe Germain’s MLSE Property Still Winning Big

“Fluid transitions between transparency and opacity, comfort and natural materials, airy soft hues, warm intimacy.” Okay, we’ll admit they’re talking about the beautiful work of architectural design firm, Lemay Michaud. But it certainly isn’t hard to understand why they chose to feature alluring Plexman portraits in the spaces they designed for Hotel Le Germain Maple Leaf Square. We’re proud the collaboration has brought the hotel a well-deserved Grand Prix Du Design Award.

Alongside a score by our other partner on this project, MLSE, they also won the Hotelier Pinnacle for Regional Company of the Year. It’s been a very successful run for Groupe Germain – and we’re very proud to have such a gracious, Canadian company on our client roster. Félicitations!

Elsewhere: check out a short video about the MLSE/Plexman shoot on vimeo.

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Wonderful Machine’s Holiday Round-up

What could be better than discovering your shot was used in Wonderful Machine’s lovely holiday greeting? Learning it was sent to 8,000 of their clients! What a great surprise to return to on this cold Tuesday morning (although Amy is calling it an honorary Monday.)

We were also happy to see our own holiday e-card included in their round-up of great mailed messages. Hats off to Maria Luci for her mad mishmash of characters. Happy Honorary Monday, everyone!

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Homecoming Queen

Check out this shoutout to Kate from Beakbane Brand Strategies and Communications, featuring production stills by Matt Liteplo! Our producer Kate had a blast organizing the execution with – and for – her Alma Mater, Sheridan College. Lots of changes at the school made it a somewhat peculiar homecoming, but we continue to watch with interest as their new degree program in Photography takes shape.

Thanks to Tom and Drew at Beakbane for the wonderful job, and to the College for their support through the production.

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Presto Change-o?

There was a lot of buzzing in the news today about PRESTO coming to Toronto. It’s about time, we say! We did a shoot for the launch of PRESTO on the Hamilton Street Railway system over the winter and were really impressed by – and jealous of – how beautifully it seems to work. Jack Mlynek put together this campaign for HSR that spoke to all their target demographics. We photographed everyone in a mobile studio, in the biggest space Hamilton City Hall had: the City Bus Garage. We used a view camera to reproduce a tilt-shift portrait look some of you may have seen in another Plexman/Mlynek collaboration, for Second Harvest.

A favourite part of the day was a quick tour of the garage itself (seeing a city bus on a jack is kind of cool!) where workers introduced us to an unlikely group of long-term residents: hundreds of bunnies. They moved onto the property at least a decade ago and have been “part of the family” ever since. And continue to mate like, well, you know…

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Guess Who?

Hôtel Le Germain Maple Leaf Square Is Now Open In Toronto

Well, I guess it’s official: we can start bragging. Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for some stories from our collaboration with Groupe Germain and Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment.

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What to Wear?

We’ve been doing a fair number of portrait sessions lately, so I’ve been sending out lots of photo shoot wardrobe suggestions: our thoughts on garments that photograph well, and what not to wear. It’s a pretty standard list. Recently I found this great advice from sartorial blogger Jesse Thorn on his amazing website puthison. I think he’s said it all quite succinctly – including a few things I’d not thought of:

Favor fabrics with a soft finish. Hard worsted wools (even fine ones) can look shiny and cheap under ultra-bright light.

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